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Much more than a mobile scissor sharpener in Hampton, Richmond upon Thames

Blade sharpening tool on workbench


Here at Gary Barbe Blade Sharpener, we’re fully accredited scissor sharpeners and pride ourselves on delivering a quality scissor sharpening service at cost-effective prices to homeowners and business owners throughout South West London and Surrey.

We service all hairdresser, barber, dog groomer, tailor, florist, dress designer, interior designer and upholsterer scissors on a same day service basis or - if you’re looking to sharpen a few of your kitchen or home scissors - we have the perfect, affordable service for you.

Our sharpening methods are designed to leave your blades in excellent condition while removing the least amount of metal, promising a quality finish with no risk of damage or excessive sharpening.

We use the latest, world class equipment from leading sharpening machine manufacturers to deliver the sharpest, most polished results.

We take great care to use the appropriate sharpening system for each individual type of blade rather than a singular machine for everything. This means that we can sharpen high-quality bevelled edged, semi convex and fully convex scissors, guaranteeing the right results result with a factory-quality finish every time.

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Just to say how impressed I was by the service provided by Blade Sharpener. Gary was so helpful and made a fantastic job of sharpening my dog grooming scissors and blades, they’re all cutting like new! It’s so nice to find a sharpening service that takes such great care and who can be trusted with my scissors and I will certainly use Gary for my future needs. Thank you!!!



All our work is carried out quickly and efficiently in our professional workshop in Hampton, located at 101 Gloucester Road, Hampton, TW12 2UW. The following 3 service options are available to you.


Drop the items off at Gary Barbe Blade Sharpening's workshop in Hampton TW12. We offer a same day service to all business clients. For up to 3 pairs of scissors, it is possible to arrange a "whilst you wait" service.


Arrange a collection and delivery service. We require a minimum of 3 scissors and charge a small fee of £5 for collection and £5 for delivery to local businesses within a 5 mile radius. There will be an additional fee to businesses outside of this area.

Call 07908 653364 now.


Postal service – we use a premium paid next day delivery service with full insurance across the UK. Costs will be confirmed upon booking confirmation.

Trimming the Ends


We don’t do any work in a van. We offer a collection and delivery service instead of mobile scissor sharpening. Our workshop is based in Hampton, and we only provide a mobile service to businesses within a 20 minute drive, so we collect the items, sharpen them in the workshop and return them back to you same day.


Hairdressing scissors (fully convexed)


Barber scissors


Dog grooming scissors


Dressmaking / tailoring / fabric scissors


Kitchen / general purpose scissors



We have 5 different types of scissor sharpening machine, as well as other machines used for deburring, polishing and corrugating the blades. We use the correct machine and technique for each different type of scissor, rather than trying to do all the work on one machine. For instance, a barber’s bevel-edged scissors are sharpened on a completely different machine (using a completely different technique) to a hairdresser’s full convex-edge set of scissors. A dog groomer’s curved set of scissors - with corrugations - has its own machine as does a pair of dressmaker’s scissors. We also have machines dedicated to left-hand scissors. There is simply not enough space to set this all up in a van, so we have these machines set up in our workshop.

We have also found that it is the only way to dedicate the right amount of time to work on the scissors. We don’t rush or take any shortcuts. All the scissors are sharpened to the original factory angles (even if it means calling the manufacturer). Problem scissors need special care and sometimes different techniques, so we take all the time and care needed, even if it means working into the night, so that you get your scissors back as good as new. This is especially important for dropped or chipped scissors.

For customers who simply don’t have a second set, and can’t do without their scissors, we can provide them with razor-sharp loan scissors, or we can arrange to collect at the end of their working week and sharpen them on their day off, delivered back with no downtime.


We sharpen a lot of scissors for movie production companies. Shepperton, Pinewood, Warner’s and Netflix have all used us for hairdressing scissors for their hair and make-up departments or fabric scissors for their props departments. We have done - and can still do - the work onsite with our mobile sharpening unit, but these jobs are mainly carried out in our workshop and the scissors are simply couriered over to us and back.

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Fabric Scissors


We accept work from all over the UK. With our postal service, we sharpen scissors on the same day we receive them and put them straight back in the post. Scissors are taken apart, sharpened, cleaned and balanced. Their screws, washers, bumpers etc. are inspected and replaced if necessary.


The Hira-To flat hone sharpening system provides the absolute best edge possible on high-end convex hairdressing, dog grooming or barber scissors. Its fixture arm rotates allowing us to create an exact and perfect convex angle and can be set to sharpen both left and right-handed scissors.

Hira-To scissor sharpening machine
Blade sharpening tool on workbench


To guarantee a quality result when sharpening your scissors, we use the high-tech Okami Twice as Sharp system. This system allows us to produce an incredibly sharp cutting edge that’s honed, polished, and hand finished according to the latest industry standards. No matter what you do, whether you're a tailor, an upholsterer, seamstress, or even an interior designer, we'll ensure your scissors will continue to cut accurately even when used rigorously and on a daily basis.


The Corru-Gator offers the most efficient method of corrugating right or left-hand barber, pet grooming and fabric / industrial scissors. It is fitted with a fine diamond wheel with 72 teeth per inch and allows us to create a corrugated cutting edge that’s designed to hold fabrics and textiles in place and prevent them from sliding or bunching. A corrugated edge is also suitable for certain barber and pet grooming scissors, when a corrugated finger blade - which holds the hairs and stops them sliding - is preferred.

Corru-Gator scissor sharpening machine


Hampton / Hampton Hill / Fulwell / Twickenham / St Margarets / Kew / Richmond / Sheen / Mortlake / Barnes / Strawberry Hill / Teddington / Hampton Wick / Kingston / New Malden / Tolworth / Chessington / Surbiton / Thames Ditton / East Molesey / West Molesey / Weston Green / Hinchley Wood / Claygate / Esher / Hersham / Walton-on-Thames / Weybridge / Byfleet / Ottershaw / Addlestone / Thorpe / Chertsey / Staines / Egham / Shepperton / Feltham / Whitton / Ashford

A postal service is available which enables anyone in the UK to send and receive their items to our address.

Several Scissors

Let’s give your scissors the edge that they need – book an appointment by calling 07908 653364

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